1. Register as a member on the Web Site by clicking on the “Register”icon
  2. It is highly recommended to enter information about your Nationality, School , Teaching Subject and a brief personal profile in the “personal info” field
  3. After registration, within 24 hours, you will be enabled as an author and you can access the Site Dashboard
  4. As an author you can create new posts.

We advise you to save your posts  in draft format before publishing them since the publication of the post implies notification (with the relative sending of the link of the post itself to all members) on the appropriate “SECEA” telegram channel specifically created  for the project.  A notification is sent only when the post is published.

How to create a post

Select a Category

Once the post has been created, it is “absolutely necessary” to choose the category in which the post has to be published among the ones provided for.

This will allow a correct entering of the post in the pages index as designed by the site organization.


It is strongly recommended to link the post to one or more tags related to the topics covered (eg if the post is about  PLC,I will insert the tags PLC, Automation, Controllers, Automatic systems).

Use the keywords which mayfacilitate the search for the post through the Search tool  icon on the menu bar).  You can enter the VIDEO tag for Videos too.

Uploading a VIDEO

All videos havetobe uploaded onto YouTube channels by the authors. Then The video will be embedded in the post, simply copying and pastingthe YouTube link

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